Monday, August 04, 2008

Sickly Golden Tomatoes

Does anyone know what's going on with my Orange Banana tomatoes? I started these from seed and then gave several plants to a few friends, and it seems mine are the only ones that are ill. Hmm. I didn't plant them in the same place as I planted tomatoes last year, so I really don't know what nasty bug has my plants in this sincerely despicable twist of fate.

On the other hand, my Sainte Lucies and Green Velvets are flourishing (no pictures).


Carrie said...

Looks like blossom end rot. My roma tomatoes just started showing signs of this but my cherry and brandywine tomatoes don't have it. It's caused by calcium deficiency in the fruit and it doesn't spread from plant to plant like a pathogenic disease. Google blossom end rot to read about causes and solutions.

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Carrie. I think you hit this right on. I've been consumed in the kitchen instead of the garden this year and I think that you are totally right about blossom end rot. We haven't consistently watered, and my soil is nitrogen rich.