Monday, April 17, 2006

day after easter

Schmoly, it has been a really long winter. Finally, though, things are starting to turn green- amazing, I'd almost lost hope, and there they go proving me wrong- proving they will come again. Proving that the wild charges through our tiny little house and home, producing these beautiful and intricate offspring that need just a bit of water and a bit of trimming. It's not too hard to get back to the roots- well, maybe it's harder then I claim. I think maybe a bit of unplugging does the human mind well. Unplugging from the chemical side of life, I mean, not the philosophical, although that might be good to unplug from occasionally too. One thing I've never learned from tv was how many earthworms live in our backyard, or how to transplant bulb plants, or what wet clay feels like in your hands when it goes from being wobbly on the wheel to centered and controlled. Life embraced is a completely different story then hopelessness. One thing that easter this year actually reminded us of is hope. Our pastor told us that the number one thing survivors from the concentration camps sited as their means to coming out alive was hope. Why hope, though, when so many of us feel we can't trust the leaders that define "American" to the greater world? Leaders of nations, even in these advanced times, are propogating not only violent but also subversive measures that intend only good for themselves, not the people of their nation. Why else do we find genes of plants, created from the earth in the beginning, literally owned by corporations, not the people that have for generations and centuries grown the green of life. Animals are being treated as profit, not life. And we ignorantly partake, even commune, of these beings. BUT, I almost forgot! Easter is a time of hope. Why? Because it means that life does exist and has existed and always will continue to exist, but will only be better beyond. Because we are all young (ALL of us), we are all learning, and we all do really hurtful things to those we love, yet we are forgiven by our loved ones and have stronger and deeper thoughts and loves through and through. I think lately Josh and I search for our way home, to a place that makes sense, with people that make sense and understand the world in a similar vein we do. And while the paths have been a little prickly with our bare feet plodding, I love to feel when it changes from the prickly to soft and sensual growth hugging at my skin, knowing it can only get better in the end.