Thursday, August 28, 2008


Josh and I bought these funny little Mexican mushrooms at market yesterday. They're only Mexican because the culture there has embraced the fungus as an edible delicacy. The actual home where these huitlacoches grew was on the corn found at Tantre Farm in Chelsea, MI.

Aren't they goofy? I'm a tad afraid of their slipperiness on my tongue, but they were affordable so worth the experiment. Before you know it these gourmet little truffles will be $29 a pound. Josh has some pretty serious ambitions for these guys, and I think he will be inspired by some of these sites: Professor introduces unusual edible fungus to Madison, Corn Fungus Tamales: Tamales de Huitlacoche, and this information straight from Mexico.

Would you, could you, try these? They are fascinating.

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jshoo said...

Well, I've not known that it was a delicacy (although, I think we'd joke about the Japanese liking it) I've been seeing this 'crap' in corn fields all my life. It's usually not very well received by Nebraska corn farmers! You'll have to tell me how the dish turns out. I'll send the recipe to my dad if it's any good.