Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Turmeric: Spice of My Week

So this week I'm in love with turmeric. It gives conglomerations of food glorious color, it's full of flavors and nutrients, and it is so reminiscent of the smells and tastes of India. Turmeric is in the ginger family, and similar to its relation, it also is a rhizome.

Turmeric has many ayurvedic (medicinal Indian practice) purposes. Included in these are uses that include its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

I have it in a handy and easy to reach glass vessel, throwing it in as the flexible and friendly bitter little spice that it is. This morning we engaged in leftover chimichurri sauce and turmeric eggs. It makes eggs just that much more sunny in the morning. And all of us here that live in Michigan know how welcome anything is that is reminiscent of sunniness. Come, spring equinox, come!

Even more interesting, what is your favorite spice right now? Do you have the pleasure of having one? If not, please, by all means borrow mine. And then look up Bong Mom's Cookbook to learn more!


Tracey said...

I am a big fan of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. I like the tasty baking flavors. Although, I have started understanding that these spices can be used in dinner dishes too. Who would have thought? Your spice is so pretty. I would want to decorate with it!!

Sarah said...

ooh, fresh grated nutmeg is just the greatest. so versatile and potent.

sarahross said...

I have to say nutmeg. I put it in everything. Greens, french toast, pasta, coffee,... It is fun to grate, too!