Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bek and Sarah go to Colorado

Rebekah and I sped off to Colorado for a quick post-graduation trip. We drove through the Oklahoma pan handle, skimmed through the New Mexico Northeast corner, and headed on through to Buena Vista, a Colorado valley surrounded by massive heights of 14er mountains. We stayed at Liar's Lodge, a bed and breakfast that faces Mt. Harvard and Mt. Yale. We had a little porch off of our room, our bed facing Sleeping Indian mountain.

The next day, after a scrumptious and somewhat ludicrous breakfast of orange almond french toast, we hiked with heavy lungs to the top of the sleeping indian.

Soon after the hike we headed north to Denver and went to a Rockies/ Cardinals game where we partook in Coors Light and rooted for the underdog.

Colorado was great, but a bit too short. Maybe next time we'll try a longer stint in Spain. Or Greece.


sarah said...

What fun! Beautiful pics of Colorado, too. So happy you and Bekah got to hang out together after her big day. I can't wait to hear where she gets her first job. You two sure are amazing girls.

sarahross said...

Um...I hope by underdog you meant the St. Louis Carndinals! Last time I went to a Rockies game the pig farms were stinkin' up the place. I had to smile seeing you guys there.

Anonymous said...

If only we were squatters in the colorado wild. Surprising how wild colorado still is. What grows there?