Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Week of Juicing

This is exciting! I think I'm going to try doing a fast. But not a hardcore, Jesus on the mountain, water only fast. I'm going for a highly nutritious and full of enzymes juice fast. Last week thoughts of fasting traipsed through my brain, and oddly enough then synchronized with some reading and a couple of quotes that landed on my desktop.

I'm not one to share things before they happen, the reality being that they often don't happen. I hate to be held accountable for personal things, not to mention that things are always more feasible when you've had a day off and feel more like yourself. So it's questionable whether or not this fast will last as planned. But I wanted to blog it, thinking that maybe some of you non-pregnant, non-nursing friends of mine would be interested in joining.

Throughout the week I'll include recipes that taste and feel good. So if you're in, get a juicer and get ready! Tomorrow is all juice.
Plan for day 1: carrot, ginger, beet, parsley, cabbage, apple, celery, cucumber, kale (in different combos)

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