Wednesday, March 14, 2007

House of Grime

Layer upon layer- plywood, plaster, dirt, dust, curtain rods, maps, asbestos, insulation, lathe, and more insulation. This was the demolition of 85+ years worth of a ceiling's life. My dad came to help install the drywall two weeks back. Well, we bought the drywall and took the ceiling down. The job was larger than expected, and dirtier than even the most creative can imagine. Armed with dustmasks, eyewear, and layers of junk clothes we exasperated that ceiling, leaving it exposed and confused. But soon enough, it will be covered and safe again. Josh is responsible for leveling the ceiling- there are inches of discrepancy in this old home's first floor ceiling. Then together we'll hang the drywall, and I will do the taping, compounding, and sanding. All in good time to become yet another unsold home in Ann Arbor's struggling market. At least we can hear the birds that have nested in our roof much clearer now. It's only slightly creepy to hear the outside world so indubitably and pieces of the ceiling intermittently falling throughout the day and night.

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Sarah said...

Phew! That's alot of work. Go, guys, go! We sure miss you.